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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction

-John Crosby

Our Vision.

To be a social hub, providing training and employment opportunities for young people, families, women who had career break, and minority ethnic group. A place where individuals from all multi-cultural communities can meet and socialise with each other to dispel fear and racism and provide a place of integration, learning and sharing.

Dream it……… see it happen!

Who we hope to impact?

The youths and families in the community.

The minority ethnic people who are feeling isolated and are having a had time integrating in the community.

Women who had break in career due to family responsibilities or ill health.

Our vision is created from the desire to help and support clients in some of the identified constraints or difficulties, making all and sundry stakeholders in the community!

To succeed in life and get there faster….you need a Mentor - Adekemi Giwa

The Mission.

To create an environment where our children and families can thrive. Nurturing through play.